Fall 2021 Undergraduate Course: American Historical Geographies (Geog 254)

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Here’s the flyer for my Fall 2021 American Historical Geographies course (GEOG 254):


Mid twentieth-century postcard of Wilmington, NC.  What can postcard views like this one (produced for the S.H. Kress & Co.’s Five-and-Dime stores in the region) teach us about our changing landscapes, and what parts of our histories–and geographies– are muddled in such views?

Historical geography is a sub-field of human geography which explores spaces of the past, and seeks to understand how the past continues to shape or influence our contemporary and future worlds. Through key lenses of place, landscape, and social and environmental change, GEOG 254 offers students a research-focused, ‘geo-humanities’ approach that explores the past geographies of the United States with an emphases on social, economic, and political transformations over time.