Undergraduate Research in Political Geography

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Recent undergraduate research projects in Political Geography have included: The Geographies of Social Movements:  https://geographiesofsocialmovements.web.unc.edu/ Experiences at the US/Mexico Border:  https://experiencesusmexicoborder.web.unc.edu/ Migrant Farm Workers Social Movement:  www.migrantfarmworkers.web.unc.edu Land Expropriation: Landscape, Politics & Identity: https://geog453.wixsite.com/landexpropriation Electoral Geographies: The Legitimacy of Democracies Around the Globe:  https://globaldemocracies.web.unc.edu/ Urban Growth and Change: Case studies in urban gentrification:  https://urbanshift.web.unc.edu Urban Exclusion in North Carolina:  https://urbangrowthnc.weebly.com/ Geographies […]