Undergraduate Research in Political Geography

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Inquiry-based learning in Political Geography (Geog 453) has been supported through the Graduate Research Consultant (GRC) Program of UNC’s Office of Undergraduate Research.


Recent undergraduate research projects in Political Geography have included:

The Geographies of Social Movements:  https://geographiesofsocialmovements.web.unc.edu/

Experiences at the US/Mexico Border:  https://experiencesusmexicoborder.web.unc.edu/ 

Case Studies in Border Disputes and Separations:  borderlandsandborders.web.unc.edu

Land Expropriation: Landscape, Politics & Identity: https://geog453.wixsite.com/landexpropriation

Urban Growth and Change: Case studies in urban gentrification:  https://urbanshift.web.unc.edu

Migrant Farm Workers Social Movement:  www.migrantfarmworkers.web.unc.edu

Electoral Geographies: The Legitimacy of Democracies Around the Globe:  https://globaldemocracies.web.unc.edu/

Urban Exclusion in North Carolina:  https://urbangrowthnc.weebly.com/

Geographies of the 4th and 5th Amendments:  https://billofrights4and5.web.unc.edu

The Power of a Vote:  The power of a vote: Electoral geographies